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Why Lego Is So Popular?

As competition from digital games increases, many traditional toy manufacturers are struggling, but Lego stands out. Sure, having a worldwide hit movie in your name is beneficial to business, but focusing solely on The Lego Movie would obscure much of the company’s originality and longer-term success.

Like any businesses, most toy firms perform market research by setting up focus groups and sending out questionnaires. Lego sends researchers into the field to observe children in their natural environment through the Lego Foundation; it is the largest private sponsor of play research internationally. Lego has taken on the question of why humans play from a variety of perspectives, including observing participants’ playing brains under an MRI to determine which areas light up differently while playing with various toys.

Lego has used what it has learnt to develop a deep and rich understanding of what is enjoyable for both children and adults, going beyond merely wanting to understand why kids play.  This also helps in improving decision-making processes. Lego takes a unique stance. Understanding the cultures in which children live, how parents and children interact, and the social factors that influence are all goals that are much outside the purview of most businesses. This gives Lego a completely fresh viewpoint on what’s essential to kids and how you construct experiences, rather than trying to figure out how to market things to kids. There are different types of Lego sets these days; you can get the most favorite one of your child. There are lego sets for sale with different themes. There are also themes which are liked by adults not only by children.

Lego’s popularity is also due to the fact that it is the only toy manufacturer in the world that can assert to have satisfied both children’s and parents’ wants. In this regard, Lego bricks are similar to smartphones; they are that uncommon purchase where both children and parents feel satisfied. Parents may reach their children at any time using a mobile phone, while children gain independence thanks to the direct access to their friends, games, social media feeds, and images that it provides. It’s very similar with Lego, but even more hazy. When parents notice their children focused, it makes them happy.

Kids get to create things, play with them, disassemble and rebuild them, learn a new skill, and explore a whole new universe. Both parties stand to gain a lot from this. Lego can treat play as seriously as its efficiencies because both are ingrained in the business’s bottom line.

This thirst for expertise is really fueled by the growth of social media. Kids are under pressure to be more creative, to stand out from the crowd, and to leave their personal mark on the world. The ability to identify what stands out in a crowd and the need for originality in children today is greater than it was in past generations. Lego sets can never go out of fashion. It’s always a unique set of toys which is loved by both children and adults. Even though adults do not play with toys the only exception is Legos.

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