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How to Choose the Right Mattress?

It is very important to have the ideal mattress that is comfortable for your needs. You will need to carry out some research to find out which mattress suits you best. A great way of getting an idea of available mattresses is visiting a physical store to try them out.

You can browse online stores to find a sale mattress that suits your requirements. Cost is a big part of selecting a mattress. However, this is a purchase that you will be using for many years so it is good to splurge a little in the name of comfort. When replacing your current mattress, think about how many years you have been using it. Generally, you will need to replace it after about 8 years of use.

There are also signs that indicate the need for a new mattress such as not being able to sleep comfortably during the night; you may find it hard to find a position that is conducive to good sleep. You may also experience some new aches and pains when you wake up in the morning. Experience will have taught you about the most common position you sleep in and the amount of firmness you are looking for in a mattress. Your weight and available budget are also important factors to consider.

The firmness of the mattress will be determined by your sleep position. Medium firmness is best for back sleepers. If the mattress is too firm, it can create a lot of tension at the lower back and shoulders. If it is too soft, the hips can start sinking into the mattress. Medium firmness allows the spine to rest in a neutral alignment. If you sleep on your stomach, you will require a firm mattress that provides good support.

Hybrid and innerspring mattresses are recommended. If you sleep on your side, it is best to go with a slightly softer mattress so that it contours to the curved if your body. Memory foam mattresses are a good fit for side sleepers as it allows for pressure relief. There are people that sleep in combination positions so they will require a more dynamic mattress that is medium firm.

The weight of your body will impact the feel of the mattress, cooling effect and how much it sinks. So if you are a light sleeper who weighs less than 150 pounds, you can use a soft or medium feel mattress. Medium firm mattresses are ideal for those of average body weight. There are different material options for mattresses as well. Memory foam is great for contouring but there is a drawback of it trapping body heat. You can look for memory foam mattresses that come with cooling agents to avoid this.

Latex is a natural material and it has a bouncy feel. It is also natural cooling. This mattress is great for combination sleepers as the bounciness of the mattress will allow them to change positions easily. Innerspring mattresses are good for sleepers who are looking for support such as heavier sleepers and people who sleep on their stomach or back.

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