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Tips for Picking the Right Beach Towel

When you are off to enjoy a day under the sun on the beach, a beach towel is one of the essentials that you will need to pack. There are so many types of beach towels based on size, materials, styles, colours, textures, manufacturers etc.

You will come across different types of beach towels Australia made of cotton and microfibre as they are the most popular materials for towels. Cotton towels are extremely absorbent and they are very comfortable to lie on as well. When you think of a beach towel, cotton towels are what first come to mind. However, microfibre towels are gaining popularity as well mainly because they are hands free and allow you to dry yourself quickly.

A hands-free towel comes with a strap attached so you don’t need two hands to hold it. A benefit of using microfibre towels is that you can easily brush sand off them which is extremely useful at the beach. The most important property that you should look for in a beach towel is its level of water absorption. A towel that is difficult to dry quickly can be frustrating to use and it will also stay damp for longer. Cotton and terrycloth are ideal materials for water absorption.

Consider the level of comfort when it comes to the beach towel. If the material is rough or scratchy, it can be uncomfortable to lie on. Functionality always comes before aesthetics when choosing a beach towel so you have to look for something that has a higher quality. When you are buying from an online shop, check for reviews from customers that have purchased the same item before to get an idea of their experience. Beach towels come in many sizes and you have to consider your height when choosing one.

A good rule of thumb is to purchase a beach towel that is roughly the same length as your height. You have to consider the price point of the towel as well. It is best not to go for the cheapest beach towel as it can be very inconvenient when it doesn’t absorb very well and doesn’t provide a good surface to lie on. So a medium-priced beach towel would be a good consideration and you will not need to replace them very often as a cheap towel.

A thicker towel is not necessarily a comfortable towel. This is generally a misconception that many shoppers have when choosing a towel. When a towel is too thick, it can be very bulky and you will find it a hassle to travel with it. It will take up lots of space in your luggage and carrying it to the beach can be a chore. Also, when a thick towel gets wet, they can weigh a lot and you will find it difficult to shake the sand off it as well.

You will find beach colours in so many colours but there is a trick to choosing the right colour as well. Darker colours absorb more heat so it will not be a good idea to have this outside. However, white or light colours can stain very easily making the towel look dirty. A common issue when you are on a crowded beach is that you can lose your towel so easily. You can make sure you spot where you kept it by going for a bright colour or vibrant pattern.

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