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Benefits of Using Coffee Pods

Coffee! We love it so; see I bet you’re hooked on every word now that you know that we’re talking about the morning fuel, the elixir of Ghana, the nectar of the gods, the C- word.

Coffee’s been around for a really long time, it’s said that ancient tribes used to grind it up and eat it with butter to fuel them on long treks, it was consumed in coffee houses fueling hour long debates, and for decades now it has fueled many an all-night. Of course, for all the amazing properties of coffee not much has changed about it over the years, we’ve come to use better implements to harvest them, become more technical in the roasting process etc. but we’ve always served them the same way, until recently when coffee pods came along.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know what a coffee pod is. That miraculous little pod of awesomeness is how we love to have our coffee in the morning and if you wasn’t a recommendation on a good brand, go ahead and check out coffee pods recycling. They’ve got some killer coffee.

Now, for everyone living under a rock.

What Are Coffee Pods?

Coffee pods are basically little prepackaging grounds of coffee that don’t need to be measured out and are designed to be placed right within a machine for ease of production and consumption. Now let me reiterate. It is very easy. And it encourages people who are in a rush or who don’t have much experience with coffee to get into the craft by getting any flavor that their heart desires. Yes, Coffee pods come in flavors and they are deliciously inventive.


·         Convenient

Coffee pods are so convenient it’s ridiculous; there is no preparation and no mess after wards to take care of. At most all you need is one working arm to handle the function of putting the coffee pod in the machine and pressing a button. Truly revolutionary stuff. The modern age has made it extremely easy to make yourself a cup of Joe, so we hope that this factor entices you to get yourself a cuppa.

·         Efficient

The best part about coffee pods is that they are individually wrapped, so there is never a risk of the entire bag going stale after you open it up. Because let’s be real once coffee goes stale, it doesn’t matter if it was originally Arabic, or Robusta or Siberia, the stuff becomes a little hard to drink. Avoid this issue with individually wrapped coffee pods that will deliver happiness in a cup no matter how long the whole pack has remained open (for the most part at least).

·         Consistent

Coffee pods will always produce the same flavor with the same strength because it removes the element of error from the coffee making process. A set amount of water passes through the grounds which are factory checked for quantity and quality and these results in a delicious brew that is wonderfully consistent.

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