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Why You Should Be Wearing Contact Lenses?

In the modern world we have come up with a number of ways to correct our genetic defects and one of them is the contact lenses. A contact lens is a malleable transparent disc that you place onto your eye that aids with seeing the world if you have anything other than 20/20 vision. Of course, this is a fantastic substitute to glasses, and we will be talking about the advantages of wearing contact lenses in this article.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for some contact lenses yourself, good choice. Make sure to take a look at hard contact lenses for some comfortable contact lenses that will leave you bowled over by their quality.

So, let’s take a look into why you should be wearing contact lenses if you need aid in seeing the wider world.

Easier than Glasses

You will no longer be troubled by constantly having to wipe your glasses down with microfiber cloth or being careful that you don’t take them off and accidently sit on them at some point. Nope, once they’re in, they’re in and there’s no risk of them falling or anything. Most contact lenses are prescription lenses (though there are plenty of cosmetic ones that you can buy for yourself on the internet which sport beautiful designs.) These prescriptions cover all kinds of issues such as near sightedness, or far-sighted ness, etc. They are highly specific to the user and are designed to make sure that your sight is 20/20 once again.

Wider Range

One of the biggest problems with glasses is that they restrict your visual field to only the front. The sides (also called the peripheral vision) are not treated at all, and there is the matter of the frames of the spectacles themselves that take some getting used to. But you won’t have any of these issues with contact lenes, as they fit literally on the surface of the eyes. You will have corrected peripheral vision as well as frontal vision, and you won’t have to deal with the pesky frame as you would with having glasses.


Of course, this is one of the vainer points of this list but contact lenses come in all kinds of colors, so if you’ve ever wanted to have different colored eyes, contact lenses are a way to make that dream come true. There are contact lenses in colors ranging from, blue to green, purple, red, violet, orange etc. The options are really quite limitless and are definitely a lot of fun if you want to be adventurous.

Feeling Normal By feeling normal we mean that once the contact lenses are in, you’re likely to forget you even have them in after a few minutes, it just becomes normal to you, and you forget about them as you go about your daily life. This is extremely convenient because you won’t have to worry about your glasses getting in the way if there is any activity that you need to do.

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