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Choosing a Timber Floor

So, you’ve made up your mind to buy a timber floor. Congratulations! That’s a major decision but one that will pay dividends over the long run. Because of the premium nature of wood and its versatility durability and market value you will find that you won’t regret your decision. There are many different types of wood, from your standard oak, and pine to the more exotic varieties, like rosewood, and teak. We’re here to help you out in choosing the right variety for you and for the nature of your house and lifestyle.

If you’re looking for wooden floors to furnish your house with, we can recommend that you check out solid timber flooring. We recommend them for their extremely diverse range of products and their spot-on service.

So, what should you consider when going for wooden flooring options? There are many factors to consider, and they would be the color of the wood in question, the width of the planks and the type of sealer that will be applied. The color of the end result is highly dependent on the species of the wood and the type of sealant that you go for. The species of the wood will also decide on what kind of grain and veins and knots are in the wood. The more grain, veins, and knots, the higher the value in general terms.

When you look into boards the standard is 80 millimeters, but you can go for wider or thinner planks as well. When you go for narrower planks, you tend to get a more uniform finish because the colors and veins blend together in the finish.

So, what kinds of flooring are most prevalent, and which is right for me? You may be asking. Well, there are three main types: namely solid timber, laminate, and engineered timber. These types of timber are all completely different from each other and you can even feel the difference when you walk on them. Generally, if the timber is affixed over a subfloor, the timber will feel more rigid and sturdy. There are ways of an installation called floated engineers which will let you feel the flex in the wood (but the wood will also sound a bit hollow when you walk over them).

Let’s look into the types

Solid timber is basically solid hardwood. This is the original type of wooden floor. Durable, beautiful, and premium in feel, they often feel extremely sturdy and will last you generations if taken care of properly. You also have other options such as engineered flooring which is basically a layer of timber veneered over some supporting plywood. This type of floor is generally glued onto a sub floor with adhesive. This is quick to install, sturdy and looks really nice. Laminate flooring is when multiple layers of wood are pressed together then lined with an image of timber. This is a very stable type of flooring, but some may have their apprehensions.

There are other types of flooring as well such as bamboo and parquet but those are not as commonly used as the above.

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