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Tips for Hiring the Right Chairs for Your Wedding

The tables and chairs at a wedding can be considered part of décor as well because they add a lot of elegance to the theme. They tend to be overlooked among the main décor elements but these are an important element as well. When choosing chairs, you have to make sure that they match the theme of the wedding.

The theme of the wedding is

What sets the tone for the celebration and by matching the chairs to this, you can enhance the overall look. You can choose chairs according to themes like modern, vintage, bohemian etc. You can visit to take a look at some of the chair designs available and to consider the cost for hiring. While many venues will offer you chairs, they will not be able to provide you with the choice of chairs you are looking for especially if you have a certain theme. And as there will be a lot of chairs at the event, these can have a big impact on the overall appearance and this can be overlooked in the planning stage. In addition to the appearance of the chairs, you have to consider the comfort. The wedding guests will be sitting on the chairs for a good few hours so you have to make sure they are comfortable and provide sufficient support. You need to look for chairs that come with padding or cushioning especially when the reception or ceremony takes a long time. This will improve the guest experience.

Think about the venue when selecting chairs.

If you have an outdoor venue,  you need to select chairs that are weather resistant and are stable on uneven surface. This can limit your choices a little but this will be more practical. For indoor venues, there is a large selection to choose from such as chairs with elaborate designs, minimalistic chairs, banquet chairs etc. You will also need to consider the logistics when choosing chairs. There will be different types of chairs needed for different parts of the wedding. For example, the seating at the ceremony will be a little different from the seating at the reception. You have to consider the specific requirements of the wedding and the segments of it when choosing chairs. For example, you will have a combination of dining and lounge chairs at the reception while aisle chairs will be chosen for the ceremony.

You can mix and match chairs to create more visual interest.

For example, you can have two complementary designs at the venue. This will add a bit of personality to the décor and it will improve the visual dynamics as well. Consider the overall wedding budget. Sometimes you will not be able to select elaborate designs especially when you have a large event. You can find chair designs at different price points. The chairs and tables have to complement each other. Make sure that the height and design of the chairs and table are appropriate so that a cohesive look can be achieved.

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