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How to Choose a Fire Warden Training Programme?

If you are planning to become a fire warden, it is crucial to understand fire safety. There are training programmes for this and you can follow the guideline given in this article to select a suitable programme that will help you obtain the skills and knowledge needed to respond to a fire emergency.

If you are already employed in an organisation

You can choose to become the fire warden of that organisation. To do this, you need to assess the specific needs of the organisation as well as considering specific fire risks, size of the workplace and layout of the premises. There will also be certain legal requirements that you will need to comply with specific to your region. You can select a fire warden training programme that is tailored to the specific concerns of your organisation so that you will be able to have more impact.

Research providers for fire warden training Perth that has a good reputation when it comes to their courses. You can ask colleagues to provide you with recommendations. Google is also a great way to look for courses in your area along with training providers. You can check reviews and ratings for the training provider and shortlist those with positive ratings and reviews. It can be normal to have a few negative reviews but make sure to read through them and understand whether this is a recurring complaint or whether the training provider has responded to it fairly.

There will be lists of training providers

That are recommended as per industry specific organisations and you can check these as well. You have to verify accreditation and certification of the training provider. Check whether a regulatory body or a recognised fire safety organisation has accredited the training provider. This will give you an idea of the accuracy of the course content. Check whether the fire warden certification provided by the training provider is recognised widely so that your education will be accepted in your industry as well as your location. You can check the course content for the fire warden training programme to see whether it contains items that are needed by your organisation.

Some essential topics

That will be included in the content will be evacuation procedures, evacuation drills, principles for fire prevention and safety, role and responsibility of a fire warden, detection of fire, fire fighting equipment, identification of hazards and risk assessment, legal requirements, communication during emergencies etc. The fire warden training programme should be comprehensive and tailored to the risks of your industry.

Check whether the course is updated regularly so that they keep up with changes in regulations. There should be practical exercises and simulations in the training programme so that you will be able to become confident in your ability to respond to an emergency. Some practical training you will go through will be evacuation drills and fire extinguisher demonstrations. By simulating real life scenarios, you will be able to understand how to apply the knowledge you have learned.

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