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How to Take Care of Your Vinyl Collection?

When compared to listening to music online or enjoying downloaded music, there is more of an engaging experience when you are listening to a vinyl record. There is a tactile experience when you are handling it but at the same time, you need to make sure that you take care of the vinyl collection because they can be damaged by poor handling.

When a vinyl record is damaged, it will be difficult to listen to it and it will quickly become unusable. You need to know the proper procedure when it comes to storing and handling them. The first thing to remember about storage is that you should always keep them in a place that will not be subjected to extreme humidity or temperature changes. If the record is exposed to these conditions, it can become warped. You should also never keep the records flat as this can warp them over time.

You also need to make sure that the storage area is free from dust and dirt. The record should be placed in the sleeve when they are not being played and they should be inside the cover. Try to avoid the time that the record will be exposed to dust when it is not being played.

When you purchase vinyl records most of the time they will come with a paper inner sleeve without an outer sleeve. You can purchase some polythene lined inner sleeve to make sure that they are stored properly. If the inner paper sleeve is of poor quality, you will soon see the paper flake away causing the surface of the record to be scratched. Sometimes the record can stick to the paper when you take it out. Therefore, you can search for high-quality inner sleeves.

There are also dual pocket outer sleeves that allow you to protect the artwork of the record. When you touch a record with bare hands, you have to consider how the natural oils in your skin can damage the surface of the record. So it is best that you don’t touch the parts of the record that is playable. You need to handle it by the edges and the inner side. This can be a little tricky when you are pulling the record out of the sleeve.

There are carbon fibre record brushes that can be used once you place the record onto the turntable. The brush should be used prior to and after the playback of each side. You will be able to make sure the records are protected from dust when you do this. This will allow you to use the stylus for a long time as well. If the record is already damaged, you will not be able to restore it to its original condition by cleaning. For budget-friendly cleaning methods, you can use a record cleaning solution. You will need to place the record on a lint-free surface.

Make sure that you don’t use tap water to clean because it can have some mineral deposits that will damage it. There are also several record cleaning kits that you can find online. There are record cleaning machines that can be on the more expensive end of the scale. If you can afford it, you can also purchase a vacuum record cleaning machine that will properly clean the record.

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