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Essential Pieces of Cafe Furniture

If you are a café owner, you need to make sure that you select the right furniture so that the atmosphere of the space is enhanced. In this article, we will go through some essential furniture pieces such as functional tables, cosy seating arrangements etc. so that you can create a comfortable environment for customers.

Tables are an important part of furniture for cafes Melbourne and this will be where snacks, drinks, books and laptops will be placed. You have to consider the size of your space and seating arrangement when selecting right tables. You also have to understand the flow of foot traffic so that you can ensure circulation is provided. The shape of the table will also affect how the customers use it. For example, if you have round tables, they are great for encouraging social interaction. If you tend to have small groups mostly, round tables are a good option. For versatile furniture arrangement, you can select rectangular or square tables. These can be put together so that you can increase the number of people in the group. You can accommodate different group sizes this way. You can select tables that are made from durable materials like metal, wood and laminate so that they can be cleaned easily and withstand daily wear and tear. Think about how easy to maintain the material as sometimes the surface tends to be sticky even after cleaning. This can make it unappealing for the customers.        

Chairs should be available in different styles

And configurations so that you can create a comfortable place for your patrons to stay. You need to select a style that complements the theme of the café. For example, if you have a modern café, you can select sleek chair styles. You need to consider stackability, durability and comfort of the chairs. Make sure these have ergonomic designs, cushioned seats and supportive backs. Lightweight chairs are easy to store and rearrange. In bar areas or counter areas, you can have bar stools. There are different heights, materials and styles for bar chairs and you can choose this depending on the space limitations and design preferences. Adjustable height bar stools will accommodate customers of different sizes and it will also ensure flexibility in your seating arrangements.

Booth seating and banquettes can offer versatile seating options.

There is a sense of intimacy and privacy in these seating options and it offers a more secluded dining experience. You can install the booth seats along walls or partitions as this will help you maximise space. Cosy nooks can be created so that customers are able to relax and enjoy their meals. You can choose booths in materials that are easy to maintain such as vinyl or leatherette. Built-in storage can also be incorporated underneath the booths so that you can optimise space. You can create outdoor seating so that customers can enjoy fresh air. Look for furniture that is weather resistant and easy to clean such as wicker, metal and plastic. You can also incorporate awnings or umbrellas for shade so that the customers can be comfortable while enjoying the outdoors.

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