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Choosing the Perfect Natural Stone Pool Pavers

The area that surrounds a swimming pool is a functional space and you have a wonderful opportunity to create a stunning outdoor space using this. It will complement the beauty of the swimming pool. One of the ways you can do this is by adding natural stone pool pavers. These will add colour, texture and character to your poolside.

When choosing stone pool tiles Sydney, you have to consider their durability and whether they are resistant to the elements. They will be exposed to water, foot traffic and sunlight constantly so you have to choose a stone that can withstand these conditions without becoming slippery which is a safety hazard. You need to look for hardwearing dense stones like travertine and granite so that they are resistant to staining, fading and weathering. These materials are known for their durability. You have to consider the heat resistance of the stone pavers as well. Heat retention is a concern as the poolside is exposed to the sun and if you have darker coloured stones, they will absorb more heat. So you can choose natural stone pavers that have light colours or those with thermal properties that will prevent them from being very hot underfoot. Limestone and sandstone are ideal for this as they have high heat resistant qualities. They will ensure the comfort of your pool area.

Safety is a critical factor

When it comes to the surfaces you use in the pool area. You need to check the slip resistance of these surfaces. When choosing natural stone pavers, you need to look for textured surfaces or stones that have been treated with slip resistant coatings so that the risk of accidents can be minimised. You will be able to obtain enhanced traction with tumbled or brushed finishes. These are ideal for pool decks even when they are wet. The aesthetic appeal is another concern. But you will have a wide selection to choose from as natural stone pavers come in so many different textures, colours and patterns. You will be able to create a customised look for the pool design and the surrounding landscape. You have to consider the colour palette of your outdoor space, architectural style of your home and your aesthetical preferences when choosing the paver. For example, travertine has an earthy warmth to it and flagstone comes with a rustic charm. You can find a natural stone paver to suit every design vision.

Think about how easy it is to maintain the natural stone pavers.

Some of the maintenance tasks you will have to look at are sealing, cleaning and resealing the stones so that they are protected against weathering and staining. You can choose natural stone pavers that are low maintenance so that you don’t have to worry about the constant upkeep of your poolside. Your budget will also determine the range of pavers you can select from. There are stone pavers that have a wide range of prices and this will depend on the quality of the stone, type and availability.

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