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Tips for Selecting Marine Speakers

You can have high-quality speakers on a boat as well. Speakers have a big impact on the sound quality. So even if you buy a cheaper receiver, you need to select a high-quality speaker. There are many types of speakers that you can find online.

There are flush-mounted and box-mounted boat speakers. The flush-mounted speakers offer a sleeker appearance and you will be able to maintain the clean lines of the boat. You will also be able to fit the flush-mounted speaker in a tight space. But you will need a professional to install this speaker as it can be a little difficult to mount. You need to make sure that there is sufficient air space for the diaphragm in the speaker to move properly. You will need to cut a hole in the boat to install a flush-mounted speaker. But if this is not an option, you can consider box speakers.

They are easier to install but these types of speakers can take up a lot of space and clutter the boat. It is best if you can go with a larger speaker if you have the space and provision for it. The grille of the speaker will always be bigger than the cone. You can contact the manufacturer to get a more accurate measurement. You also need to have sufficient mounting depth when it comes to a flush-mounted speaker. In case you don’t have sufficient depth, you can mount a box speaker at a height.

Because you are operating in wet conditions, you need to choose a waterproof speaker. Home speakers have a lot of exposed metal and therefore will not do well on a boat because of corrosion issues. When searching for marine speakers, you need to search for marine-rated water-resistant speakers. The speakers have corrosion-resistant metal parts and plastic components that can handle UV radiation. Make sure that you check the rating for ingress protection (IP).

There are so many different sizes of marine speakers as well. And there is no such thing as a standard size. You can check the dimensions of the speaker provided by the manufacturer and this will generally have the diameter of the cone inside. But you will not be able to gauge the diameter or the hoe you need to cut out or the diameter of the grille with this measurement. The installation size also varies according to the manufacturer and replacing marine speakers can be difficult because of this issue.

You also have to consider the power handling capacity of the speaker. The speakers you purchase should be able to handle the same amount of power or more than what is provided by the stereo or amplifier. If the speaker can’t handle this power, there is a risk of blowing them out. There are two ways that you can measure power. One is peak wattage which the how much power is given at any time.

The other is the continuous wattage which refers to the average amount of power over time. If RMS wattage is not given by the manufacturer, make sure you ask them to specify it. With higher power, you need to know what your speakers can handle.

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