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The Best Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

The kitchen is one of the places in a house that gets messy easily. Keeping it organized, clean and methodical is definitely not an easy task, especially if you’re sharing the kitchen space with a roommate or if people in your family just walk into the cooking area.

Scrubbing, mopping, sponging everything on a daily basis with our busy lifestyles is not something we can keep up with on a daily basis. So, if you’re a clean freak who also wants to save time while also ensuring you’re doing a good job, keep the below cleaning and organizing hacks in mind!

Better Smelling Disposal

Smelly garbage is a common problem at every household. However, there are a few hacks you can use to clear the garbage disposal. Freezing lime with rock salt and keeping them as ice cubes and stowing them in the garbage disposal helps you get rid of the smell easily. Rock salt helps with clearing out the blades by scrubbing them, and the lemon helps with the smell, and is also a super disinfectant and a cleaning agent that gets ride of any grime and dirt that’s stuck. This will help keep the sink and the disposal smelling fresh.

Out with the old & In with the new

While upgrading your kitchen with the latest equipment will help you keep the space squeaky clean, it is also not very pocket friendly. Cook tops, hobs, ovens etc. are some items that catches rust and dirt super-fast. The easiest way to handle this is to look for gas cooktop repairs over repairs or cleaning hacks.

Keeping these items constantly clean will save you from replacing them and repairing them as well. You can clean your oven with baking soda, water and white vinegar. Once the solution is made, you can clean the insides of it with it, leave it overnight and wash the oven with soapy water for a squeaky-clean oven. 

Table Top Cleaning

Adding a drop of cinnamon oil when you’re wiping flat surfaces where you might leave food, is a good way to keep away any bugs and ants. If you have wooden table tops and wooden tables, creating a concoction of lime or lemon with vinegar and water will also help you keep these surfaces cleaning and sweet smelling. You can even use this solution to spray at pantry cupboards, cabinets etc. with microfiber cloths.

Cabinet Cleaning

More than just dusting and wiping your shelves and cabinets, vacuuming them once and for all will ensure there’re no dust particles left behind. You will also waste time trying to take out little crumbs and leftover food inside the cabinets, instead the vacuum cleaner will make life easier and not to mention save a lot of time as well when cleaning. It could be a routine tsk that you do when you’re generally using the vacuum cleaner at the house!

Maintaining your kitchen is not an easy feat. Ensuring that your cooking space is clean will ensure that the food you serve too will be clean and carefully made.

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