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Symptoms You Might Need to Get Root Canal

No one is a fan of going to the dentist. Understandably so since dental procedures could be painful and costly. Nonetheless, we still need to be particular and concerned when it comes to our dental health because the more, we ignore some signs and symptoms, the procedure would be more painful and costlier to correct a dental issue that could have been simpler and easier if we have already visited the dentist earlier.

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, it is now time for you to see your dentist and see perhaps you need root canal. Hearing the words “root canal” sounds scary but it could be the utmost necessary for your dental health. No need to worry though since you would be under local anaesthesia while the treatment is ongoing.

Pain While Chewing or Biting

There are numerous causes as to why you have pain while chewing or biting. Note down the warning signs once you have started feeling it so you could explain it better to your dentist and they could narrow down the possible reasons for this.

If you have pain or experience tooth or teeth sensitivity after eating certain types of food, especially sweets, you might have tooth decay or cavities. A root canal treatment is necessary if tooth decay is left untreated. To avoid getting root canal because of cavities, make sure that you visit your dentist for periodic teeth cleaning to keep your cavities in check and treated earlier on.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Once you notice a tooth or teeth is chipped or cracked, you should get an appointment with your dentist ASAP. You should not be concerned with this only for aesthetic reason but this could lead to sensitivity, swelling and pain.

People who grind their teeth and are advance in age are more prone to tooth or teeth fracture. If you experienced trauma or if you got hit in the mouth and there is no visible chipping or cracking of the tooth, the pulp might still have been damaged. Depending on the location and severity, your dentist might perform root canal to remedy this.

Swollen or Tender Gums

Taking care of our gums is as important and vital as taking care of our teeth. Preventing swollen or tender gums is easy, just brush and floss after every meal. When we notice bleeding when we brush our teeth and we see that our gums or swollen and tender to touch, visit the dentist right away since some of the cause of swollen or tender gums could lead to a more complicated dental issue such as gingivitis, infection and malnutrition.

Once you find out that your symptom warrants a root canal, you have to be prepared that your tooth and gums might be painful once the medication loses its potency. Ask your dentist what over the counter pain medications you could take. If your pain persists for more than the expected number of days, visit your dentist again and follow all the instructions that your dentist have told you after the treatment.

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