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Services Provided by a Family Law Firm

There are many family related issues that are covered by family law. Some of the issues that are covered under this are marital rights, divorce, adoption, childcare and property issues. Many of these are serious issues that require tactful handling. So you have to select a family law firm that has sufficient experience in these areas with a good track record.

When it comes to family law advice Brisbane, you have to select a family lawyer who has a speciality in the area you are looking for. They will provide you with legal assistance and work towards settling the dispute among the family. There are many legal duties that will be included in the services. Some family lawyers will be working independently while others will be working for a firm whether big or small. There has to be a good relationship between the family lawyer and yourself so that you are able to work through the issues and come up with a solution that is best for all people considered. One of the services that a family lawyer will help with is annulment which is the dissolving of the marriage bond. Most of the time, the cause for annulment is a fraud of any kind such as hiding information regarding a previous divorce, criminal record, communicable diseases etc.

Spousal support or alimony is considered for one of the spouses for a specific period so that they can support themselves. There are instances where permanent spousal support is awarded as well. This is generally when the marriage has spanned a long time or if one of the spouses is suffering from an illness. Sometimes, one of the spouses may not have had a job for a long time which will make them eligible for spousal support. This is when the spouse is not the breadwinner of the family. Self-sufficiency and how long the marriage has lasted will contribute to the amount awarded for spousal support. If you want to change the child support or modify it, you will need to have a family lawyer represent you at the courts. There are many reasons why a modification will be needed such as a medical emergency for the child, economical issues of the parent or an ongoing medical condition that requires financial support.

When a couple files for divorce proceedings, they will need to know what they will receive or lose at the end of the proceedings. The matter becomes complicated if they have children together. There are many questions that both parties will have and a family lawyer will ensure that all matters of divorce are clarified. It is in the hands of the family lawyer to ensure that the trial is fair. There are contested and uncontested divorces; a contested divorce will be dealt with by the court while a family lawyer will help the spouses come to a mutually beneficial resolution in an uncontested divorce. Another issue that arises in the event of a divorce is property settlement. The family lawyer will listen to both sides of the dispute and help to reconcile it.

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