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Reasons to Consider Euthanasia for Pets

With euthanasia, you will be able to induce the death of a pet to end their suffering from an illness or injury. You can speak to your veterinarian when making this difficult decision. Chances are that they will present this as an option when all other options have been exhausted.

Pets become a vital part of our lives and the bond that forms between a human and a pet is very strong. And when there is illness or injury or old age, it can be heartbreaking to let go of your beloved pet. Sudden illnesses or an accident can be some of the reasons that you will consider dog euthanasia. It can be so difficult to think about and a lot of the times, we are too close to the pet to consider this option. But you have to consider whether there are too may bad days when you try to remember the good days your pet has had once they have had their health emergency. This is when you should be discussing this with your veterinarian. You can also get the assistance of a mental health therapist to guide you in making this decision. This is a decision that the owner of the pet can make but there are certain things you can do to get yourself resigned to the solution, especially when it is the only one.

Pets will not understand illnesses and injuries. All they would know is that they are hurting. Most of the time, we tend to hold onto the pet even though their quality of life steadily goes down. While having your pet with you in whatever form can be a relief for you, you need to consider it from their perspective. Are they in pain for most of the day? Consider what your veterinarian has said. They will let you know if there is nothing that can be done for your pet. And waiting for a natural death means that your pet will suffer longer with the same result in the end. And as the owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your pet doesn’t suffer or stay in pain for a long time when their quality of life is in a dire situation.

Once you have decided on euthanasia, you have to make a decision on whether you want to stay with your pet during euthanasia or say goodbye and leave. The former decision will be a lot harder on you but it may be a relief for your pet to see a familiar face until the end. You will also need to make certain decisions such as whether to involve your children, whether you want to view your pet’s body and whether to choose a cremation or burial. Cremation can be private or there is mass cremation as well. If it brings you some closure, you can get a postmortem exam done on the pet to know the cause of the illness. Often in difficult decisions such as this, there is no right answer. You know your pet the best and are the best judge at deciding what they will want.

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