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Pros and Cons of Installing a Roof Window in Your Home

If you have been thinking about installing roof windows in your home, you may have wondered if it is the right thing to do. Just like any alteration to the home or addition if your home is a new build, there are several considerations to go over before deciding. Each skylight installation is different.

Your requirements for light, views of the outdoors and design aesthetics in terms of the colour of the frame and colour of the windowpane glaze, window type and design will be unique. Knowing what to expect and being aware of the pitfalls can save you both money and stress. Speak to a professional who deals with windows in ceiling installation and can brief you on what needs to be done to suit your requirements and budget.    


·  Natural Light

Perhaps the most significant advantage of installing roof windows is allowing natural light into the room. Allowing sunlight to come in can also warm up the space reducing expenditure on heating. Having more natural light in your space can have a positive effect on your mood and if in a workspace, enhance productivity.    

·  Ventilation

Another advantage is the ability to let in fresh air to ventilate your space. Depending on the type and position of your window, they can be installed in a way that opens out. The window openings are perfect for warm summer months when you want to cool down the room without the use of air conditioning.

·  Energy Cost Savings

Installing the right type of roof window in your home can reduce the need to use air conditioning during those warmer months and the use of heating during colder months, helping you with energy cost savings.

·  Views of the Outdoors

Another popular reason to add roof windows to a home is the ability of the roof windows to make the room appear larger than it is. The ability to see the outside makes a space feel spacious. If you have nice nature views a window can take advantage of that or provide a beautiful view of the night sky.


·  Cost

Installing roof windows at the build stage or later can be an expensive exercise. They cost to maintain as well. Wear and tear over time can cause leaks and other issues which add to your expenses. Home insurance may also cost you more as some insurance companies account for the wear and tear.

·  Roof Leaks

One of the drawbacks discussed frequently is the potential for developing roof leaks because of wear and tear. The remedy is to invest in high-quality windows and have them installed above the roof’s surface by a reputed company to mitigate the risk of leaks.

·  Interior damage

If your roof window is not tinted and glazed for UV protection you run the risk of damaging your interior décor. Carpets, rugs, painted or polished wood and furnishings will start to fade due to daily exposure to sunlight. You can consider shades or blinds to minimise damage.

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