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Explore March Birthstone Aquamarine Jewellery

Welcome to aquamarine, a captivating gemstone that symbolises March birthdays. Aquamarine jewellery is intriguing and captivating with its calm blue hues. Aquamarine jewellery is a beautiful way to show love and appreciation, whether you’re celebrating your birthday or looking for a particular gift.

Aquamarine is more than just beautiful. History and soul-soothing characteristics make this precious stone special. This blog post explores aquamarine jewelry’s rich history, various cuts and settings, and care suggestions.

Prepare to be captivated by aquamarine as we explore its depths. Let’s begin!

A History of Aquamarine Jewellery

Aquamarine jewellery legends are as intriguing as the stone. For its mystical qualities and stunning blue hues, this gemstone has been prized by civilizations for thousands of years.

Aquamarine symbolised bliss and eternal youth to ancient Egyptians. To protect themselves from evil spirits and improve their intuition, they carved amulets and talismans from this rare stone.

Royals and nobility in ancient Rome valued aquamarines. A bright blue gemstone linked with Neptune, the Roman deity of the sea, was prized by sailors for good luck on their voyages.

Aquamarine March aquamarine jewellery store  became popular during Art Deco in the 1920s. Fashionable women wore geometric necklaces, earrings, and brooches with aquamarine stones.

Aquamarine is still loved for its beauty and serenity. Aquamarine jewellery, whether spectacular pieces or delicate patterns, captivates people worldwide.

Aquamarine Heals

The March birthstone, aquamarine, is mesmerising blue and has therapeutic powers for the mind and body. This beautiful stone is supposed to calm, alleviate stress, and improve concentration.

Aquamarine, the “Stone of Courage,” calms fears and anxieties. Its relaxing energy helps people let go of bad emotions and find tranquilly. This calm gemstone can reduce stress and help one face life’s obstacles.

Communication and self-expression are also enhanced by aquamarine. As a stone that opens up honest discourse, it’s perfect for those who have trouble communicating or expressing their emotions. Wearing aquamarine jewellery or keeping it nearby may help people express themselves.

This magical stone also promotes physical health. Aquamarine is supposed to cleanse the respiratory system. It may relieve asthma, allergies, and other respiratory disorders. Aquamarine is even said to assist detoxifying.

Aquamarine March aquamarine jewellery store  is beautiful and may have therapeutic effects, whether you wear it for its aesthetics or metaphysical properties.

Unique Aquamarine Jewellery Cuts and Settings

The choices for aquamarine jewelery are boundless. This gemstone’s sea-blue tones make it ideal for creative cuts and settings that highlight its brilliance.

Emerald cuts are popular for aquamarines. The rectangular cut lets light shine through the stone, showcasing its clarity and brilliance. The step-like facets captivate from every perspective.

The cushion cut is intriguing too. This cut gives the stone depth and character with rounded corners and bigger facets. It gives an elegant, smooth, vivid effect.

Consider geometric or asymmetrical aquamarine jewellery for a modern, edgy look. These unusual shapes give traditional patterns a unique edge.

Many settings can enhance aquamarine gemstones. A conventional prong setting maximises light penetration and highlights the stone’s colour and shine. In contrast, a bezel setting secures the gemstone by encasing its whole perimeter in metal.

Combining cuts of aquamarines with other gemstones in March aquamarine jewellery store can create something unique. Creating a stunning contrast or complementary colours can make your piece unique.

Let your particular taste guide your aquamarine jewellery style. Wear what speaks to you, whether it’s old or modern, with confidence!

How to Maintain Aquamarine

Aquamarine jewellery needs proper care to last and look great. Care for your precious Aquamarine jewellery with these tips:

1. Gentle Cleaning: Clean your Aquamarine gemstone periodically with gentle soap and lukewarm water to keep its brilliance. Do not use aggressive cleansers or chemicals that could damage the stone’s delicate surface.

2. Soft Brushing: Scrub the gemstone and setting with a soft toothbrush or jewellery brush to remove dirt and residue. Brush gently, especially around prongs or settings, to avoid loosening or damage.

3. Safe Storage: Keep Aquamarine jewellery in a jewellery box compartment or wrapped in a soft cloth to avoid scratches and dust. Avoid storing pieces together as they may rub and abrade.

4. Reduce Exposure: Aquamarines are durable, but heat and sunlight can fade them. Remove aquamarine jewelery before sunbathing, swimming in chlorinated pools, or utilising hot tubs.

5. Professional Inspection: Have a competent jeweller inspect and clean your aquamarine jewellery every few months. This will detect loose stones and weakened settings before they become big difficulties.

6. Protective Settings: Choose protective settings for delicate aquamarine rings that are worn daily. Encasing the gemstone in metal while highlighting its brilliance, bezel settings improve protection.

Following these easy recommendations will keep your aquamarine jewellery sparkling for centuries!

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