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Basic Guide to Traditional Pasta Dishes

Pasta is a dish that is enjoyed by so many people and it can be made as a meal option quickly with the ingredients that you have in the fridge. There are certain traditional kinds of pasta that are made unique by their recipe and ingredients. But you can always experiment with what you have and find new dimensions of flavor.

There are many restaurants in your locality that you can visit or order from to try different types of pasta. When looking to order Torquay pasta, you can check the company website to see what ingredients are used and you can contact the restaurant for more details as well. Pasta is a dish that has a large quantity of carbohydrates. There are also different pasta shapes that do well in different sauces. How each shape holds pasta sauce is different. Some shapes are easily coated by sauce while others will actually hold a bit of the sauce in their shape especially when it comes to shell types. If you are starting out with a few ingredients, Spaghetti aglio is a good dish to try. This uses a lot of extra virgin olive oil. Other ingredients used are chilli and garlic. You can add some parsley to garnish the final result.

Spaghetti Alla puttanesca is a dish that you will find popular in Southern Italy when fresh tomatoes are widely available in the summer. It also includes oregano, capers, and black olives. There are new spins to this dish as well with the addition of chilli and anchovies. Spaghetti al pomodoro requires fresh ingredients such as tomatoes and basil. Some garlic is used as well. The flavor is mainly imparted to the dish by the fresh sun-ripened tomatoes. If you can’t find fresh tomatoes, you can use high-quality tinned peeled tomatoes. Fettuccine al pomodoro is made with a slow-cooked tomato sauce. You can use meat or do without. A good amount of parmesan is used in this recipe. You can also substitute Grana Padano cheese for parmesan.

Bucatini all’Amatriciana is a very popular pasta recipe in Rome. This is made of guanciale chunks, tomato sauce, and grated pecorino cheese. The original recipe didn’t have tomatoes. You can use long and short pasta with the Amatriciana sauce. Carbonara is a classic Roman pasta dish where egg yolk is used as the main ingredient. Guanciale and pecorino cheese are used in this. Some restaurants add parmesan cheese as well. You will be able to get a creamy sauce the egg yolks and the sauce. The original recipe did not have any milk or cream. But you can find many modern recipes where milk is added. The challenge is to cook the sauce without allowing the egg to curdle. Spaghetti, penne or rigatoni are generally used in carbonara. Pasta Alla Genovese is made of pesto sauce and long pasta like spaghetti or short pasta types. Pesto sauce is made of garlic, pine nuts, coarse salt, pecorino, and parmesan grated into the mix with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

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