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Accessories Compatible with Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the shelf is a popular part of Christmas traditions and there is so much fun you can have with this. Your children can be a part of this and this will bring a touch of whimsy to the holiday season. And you can create so many possibilities and scenarios with the elf. You can let your inner child out and let your imagination run wild.

You can look for online stores that offer items and different elves compatible with elf on the shelf accessories. These accessories will bring your elf on the shelf to life in a beautiful way. You can have a festive Santa door mat near the entrance door along with tiny Santa boots. This can be a part of the arrival scene for the elf. Then there are prop presents that can be used with elf on the shelf. You can have them positioned in different ways. For example, you can have the elf overseeing the gifts being wrapped with some gifts looking like they are only wrapped halfway through. And there can be a ribbon or two on the ground showing that the elf has been hard at work wrapping presents. Or the elf can be creating a Christmas tree out of presents by stacking them one on top of each other. A hilarious turn of this can be the presents at the top toppling and the elf with his arms up trying to hold the tree together.

You can also add tiny windows and a miniature picket fence to the elf on the shelf scenes.

There can also be miniature furniture pieces that can really bring out the realism of this tradition and this can be such an enchanting part of the scene. And you can choose accessories that are relevant to the room that you are keeping the elf. For example, if you have the elf in the kitchen, you can purchase a baking set where the elf will be seen baking Christmas treats and getting ready for Christmas dinner. You can also add an elf baby trying to steal some treats. There are beautifully made miniature food items that you can purchase to make this even more real.


The elf will be escaping and having adventures every night, you can have a miniature car for them to get around the house. And you can even have a toy animal or even a Barbie doll in the passenger seat to make it look like the elf has made friends and they are all journeying around the house together. You can also find a Christmas elf door that can be added to your home décor and this can be mounted on a wall or placed against the wall on the floor creating a portal for the elf to get back home. To add a bit of excitement to the tradition, you can find so many creative costumes for the elf and they can become an astronaut, ballerina, chef, artist etc.

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